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NAMI Family-to-Family Class Starts October 4th, 2018

Family-to-Family is a 12-week, 2.5 hr. per week, course taught by trained instructors, who have family members living with mental illness. Lessons teach coping and supportive skills to persons with family members diagnosed with major depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or other conditions.

NAMI Family-to-Family Includes:

  • Diagnostic criteria; characteristic features of psychotic illnesses; clinical treatment; dealing with critical periods in mental illness; keeping a Crisis File.
  • Functions of key brain areas: Research on brain abnormalities in the major mental illnesses; chemical messengers in the brain; genetic research; infectious and developmental factors involved in mental illness; the biology of recovery.
  • Inside Mental Illness: Understanding the subjective experience of coping with a brain disorder; problems in maintaining self-esteem and positive identity; gaining empathy.
  • Self-Care: Learning about family burden: Sharing in relative groups; handling negative feelings of anger, entrapment, guilt and grief; how to balance our lives. The Vision of recovery.

And so much more!!!

Classes Start October 4th-December 20th, 2018

Every Thursday from 6pm-8:30pm


NAMI Geauga Annex

107 South Street #5     Chardon, 44024





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