Find Help, Find Hope!

From NAMI Geauga’s Executive Director


Jenn Bartone


Dear Friends and Families of NAMI,

Here at NAMI Geauga County we are one family. Together we strive to support each other, teach each other and fight for the needs of one another.  As I sit thinking about the holiday’s and how fast the seasons have changed, I also think about those that may be struggling personally or with loved ones. Sometimes the holiday’s can bring such joy but for others can bring loneliness, stress, depression, financial burdens and so much more.

In a recent survey taken by people diagnosed with mental health conditions, 64% stated they are affected by the holiday blues. Of that group, 24% say they are seriously affected. Recently the media reported an 11% increase of depression associated with the Fall behind time change. Feeling this way is much more common than we realize and if you are one that is affected, you can take comfort in knowing you are not alone. We would like to reach out our hands of support. Let us here at NAMI Geauga be there for you. Give yourself permission to take action and know the benefits that are so vital to moving forward with the help and support you need.

For many people that struggle, you will also hear they find comfort when helping others. I know by personal experience “If I keep my eyes open then I will see!” Take a moment to look around at people you may come in contact with every day: at work, your neighbors, friends, students, family, even those that look like they have it all together on the outside. You never know how much you can change a life until you take a chance to invest in one.

So here I am, asking you, to take the challenge of investing in another person’s life. Focus on the needs of others and “Be A Blessing!”

* Smile warmly when you come across someone having a bad day.
* Don’t just ask “How are you? but STOP and listen to the answer.
* Let that driver in ahead of you in traffic and wave “Hello” when doing so.
* Kindly help load groceries into the car of an elderly person.
* Visit patients in the hospital or seniors living in nursing homes.
* Volunteer your time at the local food pantry or animal rescues.
* Give someone the gift of not only listening but hearing their stories.
* Find compassion for the Why? or Why Not’s? of other people’s behaviors.

One lesson I have learned – helping others helps me! Mental Health, Mental Wellness and Mental Illness is one of the same – It affects us ALL! Let’s take a step out to better the life of someone else. Even the smallest things free in life make the biggest impact.

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