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The Geauga County Board of Mental Health and Recovery Services  develops the Panorama which covers both national and local mental health news. Its purpose is to provide Geauga residents with timely information about substance abuse and mental health issues, trends, advances and events such as FREE local depression screenings or mental health fairs. Call 440-285-2282 if you are not receiving your FREE copies.

The number 114 has special significance to the Geauga County Board of Mental Health & Recovery Services. That’s the number of state standards they had to meet in order to receive their recently awarded three-year state recertification, the highest certification possible. The “Culture of Quality” award was presented by the Ohio Association of County Behavioral Health Authorities to the Geauga County Board at its September meeting. Only two other Boards in Ohio have received this three-year state recertification, three times.

“We really welcome the audit process that reviews all of the 114 standards,” said Jim Adams, the Board Chief Executive Officer. “It is just another way the public is assured that tax dollars are being used in the most cost effective way possible.” The Geauga Board first received the Culture of Quality Peer Certification in 2007 and then again in 2010.

Cheri L. Walter, CEO of OACBHA, says the certification process offers a substantive and objective means by which to evaluate board’s processes, systems and efficiencies. “We ask a great deal of Ohio’s behavioral health boards, and it’s important to be able to measure and quantify their performance,” she said. “The certification process is something that we take very seriously. The reviews are thorough, exacting and broad in scope. A multi-year certification offers conclusive evidence that a board is operating with very high levels of competency, skill and efficiency.”

The process to obtain the certification is based on a continuous quality improvement philosophy through assessing and evaluating Board operations including Community Education, Advocacy, Risk Management, Governance, Finance and Ethics.

Board CEO Jim Adams said that achieving the Culture of Quality Recertification is a direct reflection on the work being done by the all-volunteer Board of Directors. “All of the Board members work tirelessly and without any form of compensation to provide oversight and assure that the highest quality behavioral health care services are available to Geauga County residents. The importance of treatment, education and prevention services is critical to people getting help when they need it for themselves and their families”.

This Board has seen its share of other state recognition this summer. Earlier this summer Adams was recognized as, “Public Citizen of the Year” by the National Association of Social Workers, Ohio Region IV for his work with the Chardon Schools and the mental health care of individuals touched by the tragedy. Ravenwood Health, the Board’s largest contract agency, was also recognized by the National Association of Social Workers Ohio Chapter as the “Public Agency of the Year.” In July, Adams was recognized by the Ohio Association of County Behavioral Health Authorities for his leadership at the state level.

Additional information about the Board and their provider network is available at or by contacting the office by phone at 285-2282.

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