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Planting For Change


A quote by Audrey Hepburn perfectly sums up our mission,“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” 

Our goal is to bring the community together to end the stigma surrounding mental illness by offering a nurturing space to make lasting connections and learn gardening skills.

This garden is open to individuals living with mental illness/addiction, their loved ones and everyone in the community.

Visit us at Morning Star Friends Church – 12550 Ravenna Rd, Chardon OH

Geauga Maple Leaf News: Community Garden Inspires Harvest of Hope:

To get our community garden up and running for the 2018 season, here is a list of items we are looking for to get the garden planted!!!

  2. 3–4 yards of clean soil (delivered if possible)
  3. Concrete blocks, railroad ties, or items to make raised beds
  4. Rolls of weed control (black fabric, looks like felt)
  5. Roll of screening to cover some of our plants
  6. Mainly vegetable and herb plants (we will take some annual flower plants to dress up our garden)
  7. Planting containers/ trellises/ tomato cages
  8. Gardening tools (e.g spades, shovels, hoes, small hand tools)
  9. Picnic table/ table and chairs-umbrella
  10. Fertilizers/ insecticides (preferably organic for vegs.)

Our 2017 season was a huge success, we totaled approximately 140 visits to our garden. We are excited to GROW bigger this year. YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT IS ESSENTIAL.



For more information on volunteer opportunities and donation inquiries, please contact Billie Olsen at or at 440-286-6264.

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