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What’s Out There?

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Updated Version as of 2/25/19

NAMI Geauga County offers support, education and advocacy to all who are affected by mental illness including friends, families, teachers, coaches and clergy. We are fortunate in our county to have a variety of organizations providing a full range of community support services, but at our support groups and educational classes we often hear the question, “Where can we find help?” “What is out there?”.

To help residents find the services they need and to help professionals identify, coordinate, and deliver services effectively, we compiled this directory providing information to help individuals and family members find the help they need.

We offer a downloadable copy you may receive by email or by clicking HERE and we distribute printed copies to various agencies. We appreciate the funding provided to NAMI Geauga County by the Geauga Board of Mental Health and Recovery Services that makes education materials such as this directory possible.

If you have any comments, additions, omissions, changes or corrections, please notify our Administrative Assistant at

Kimberly Carter,
Executive Director
NAMI Geauga County


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